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I have been wrong for 30 years

One day, as part of my weekly meeting with a business owner that I was doing some consulting work for, the subject of the adjustments he needs to make to increase productivity, increase sales, etc.... came up of course. His answer to me was: I don't see the value in these recommendations. I have been doing this for 30 years. My first thought was to tell him that he has been doing it wrong for 30 years. The mere fact that his business is struggling is the proof. It is about change and the vision. We sometimes surround ourselves with walls that prevent us from seeing what is out there. People change, the economy changes and trends change. Great Customer Service and Innovation remain at the core of any business. I was able to convince him of the value of my recommendations. In the process, I was able to see myself making the same mistake.

This discussion opened up my eyes. Even though I am good t what I do, I have been doing other things the wrong way for 30 years. I have buried my self in work, tried to reach happiness through achievement. In the process, I missed out on so many things. Neither work not accomplishments will bring you happiness because they come at a price. Sometimes, too high of a price. Happiness is not associated with neither accomplishment nor success. It is a state of being content. I lost my son a few years back. I don't think anything will make me happy. Even if I own the world.

To all the workaholics out there, try to stop and smell the roses when you can, before it is too late.

I too have been doing it wrong for 30 years.

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