PO Management
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We provide a comprehensive, flexible range of distribution and warehousing services that are available throughout our global network.

Leading-edge information technology and connectivity offers real-time visibility to inventory. This combination of coverage and technology offers seamless control over a global supply chain.


Global Services

In addition to traditional distribution center management, we offer a full range of distribution services:

Cross Dock

Domestic Transportation

Finished Goods Distribution

In-Transit Assembly

Light Assembly

Merge in Transit

Pick and Pack

Product Postponement / Localization

Product Rework

Raw Materials Kitting

Remote Spare Parts Distribution

Retail Distribution

Returns Program

Vendor Managed Inventory


Professional Management

We provide local expertise with a variety of backgrounds such as technology, apparel, engineering, manufacturing, retail, and many others, who are supported by our global infrastructure, capable of managing even the most complicated distribution needs. Our commitment to training, and use of standard processes ensures your business objectives are met.

Global System

PO Management's  Distribution Management  is deployed globally to provide real-time inventory information and reporting. e.dms is continually enhanced to benefit our global customers. It allows your product to be received, stocked, picked, kitted, and shipped. e.dms gives you the ability to have access to almost any type of information regarding your current inventory transactions, and timely reporting of all activities including:

Inbound receipt

Products allocated for shipment

Product hold status

Real-time activity reporting.

Real-time inventory stock levels.

Sales order / outbound shipment

Total Global Logistics Solutions

Combined with our air, ocean, brokerage, and consolidation services, our distribution capabilities provide global seamless logistics solutions for complete supply chain management.

Due to PO Management's commitment to one system implemented globally, we can integrate all of your product information from supplier to end-user into one Internet visible, real-time, data flow. This offers our customers a solution in which ownership and accountability can be maintained in one provider thus ensuring smooth and reliable total service provision.

As a non-asset based company, PO Management's is not enforcing utilization of it's existing locations, but rather is able to provide those services to the customers at the location where business or fiscal requirements of the customers are best met. PO Management's formalized vendor selections, management programs and procedures and systems capabilities allow for best in class management of its providers, and offers a consistent high-quality product to its clients.


Your product cannot be sold or used during the transportation process. Our cross-dock expertise allows you to turn your product quickly and efficiently to reduce the transit time to the end user.

Finished Goods Distribution / Pick and Pack

PO Management can reduce the costs associated with the warehouse, equipment, systems, and personnel associated with distribution by offering flexible solutions to your distribution needs.With an extensive network of facilities around the world PO Management's is positioned to locate your product close to your customer wherever they are. With the ever-increasing demand by customers for shorter lead times PO Management's can assist you around the globe.

Merge in Transit

PO Management can manage all facets of the Merge-in-Transit process. Inbound receipts, storage, shipment to end-users after the parts have been picked, documentation changing /inclusion, legalization of documentation and product inspection.

Product Postponement / Localization

Hold less inventory in our warehouse to allow you to manage PO time frames, quotas, and delivery dates. Add the appropriate documentation or power cables at the time of delivery to the end user.

Product Rework

PO Managements flexible staffing as well as our worldwide locations provide an excellent opportunity for you to reduce costs by having some of your less complex rework processes managed by our capable operations. PO Management gives you the ability to start up quickly and do so without huge overhead costs.

Raw Materials Kitting

PO Management can use it's network of warehouse and distribution facilities to receive these raw materials, kit them in the manner acceptable to the manufacturing plant, and deliver them "Just-In-Time" to the appropriate line reducing costs and increasing your lines productivity and decreasing your inventory carrying costs.

Remote Spare Parts Distribution

Whether you are supporting a field service organization or simply making spare parts available to a customer quickly without the added shipping costs associated with a single centrally located warehouse, PO Management can help you by putting your spare parts near the installed machinery and repair technicians.

Returns Programs

PO Management can offer you the ability to have your returns sent back to the same location, consolidated, then shipped from or to centralize your returns to a single location where they can be checked for functionality prior to determining their final disposition.

Vendor Managed Inventory

PO Management can provide you or a supplier with a quick and easy way to set up local warehousing and distribution without the large investment in infrastructure.PO Management's

system will enable you to have stock levels of multiple vendors easily reported and show transactions in those inventories.