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Maximizing cash flow is a priority for businesses of every size. But getting it right can be a challenge—you need to eliminate manual bottlenecks and errors while establishing a smooth flow from sales quote to approved order, successful order to fulfillment, and timely invoicing to payment.

A best-in-class order management process results is a faster path to recognized revenue, improved operational efficiencies, and higher customer satisfaction and renewals.

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Order MAnagement

Using PO management's Web based tracking application, any attribute of an order can be tracked, completely visible on the Web. Item quantities, required ship dates, commodity description and estimated vs. actual ex-factory dates.
Order information, captured and updated throughout the shipment process, visible on the Web. By delivering order management detail over the Web it can be accessed by different entities within the supply chain, tailored to each of their proprietary viewing needs.
You define the performance criteria for your vendors, and through our direct involvement, we assists them in meeting your unique requirements by tracking their performance. Reports are available at a click of a button.

Regardless of the mode of transport, PO Manement's web based tracking system allows you to see all orders and items that are on-hand at origin, giving you order optimization and planning capabilities. Combining Air, Ocean, Truck Freight Forwarding or any of our multi-modal services with our Order Management services, gives you comprehensive Web visibility. Basic shipment-level detail combined with order or item level detail can be viewed effectively managing the 'as ordered' verses 'as shipped' quantities and actively monitoring an order as it is filled over a period of time keeps the supply chain moving.

Seamless integration is the name of the game.

What our Order Management System offer:

Purchase Order Monitoring

From purchase order inception to final delivery, the exact status of each purchase order is visible to you, your buyers and merchants. We monitor the purchase order ship window dates and communicate any exceptions or delays eliminating any surprises at destination.

Vendor Compliance

Whether it is cargo or documents, you need your vendors to submit them timely -- if they don't, it could hurt your bottom line. Order Management keeps an eye out on your behalf so you don't have to. The powerful compliance reporting capabilities within Order Management make it easy to identify timely (and not so timely) performers. We can set up supplementary vendor programs should there be a need.

Product Collection and Booking

Order Management origins coordinate the receipt of multiple products, from multiple suppliers within the country of origin. The goods are received at our Container Freight Station (CFS) warehouse in the origin country. Order Management sorts and loads these goods into containers according to your specific loading requirements while maximizing container utilization. Cargo is received and booked based on your ocean contract. Order Management clients create shipping & receiving reports from a variety of parameters including buyer, department, vendor, PO, and origin.
Documentation Collection & compliance

The delivery and receipt of commercial documents is closely monitored, providing you with measurement reports on each vendor's compliance with on-time document delivery. Order Management collects the necessary commercial documentation, verifies the information and distributes them to the appropriate parties as designated by you. Preparation and distribution of the Bill of Lading, Forwarders Cargo Receipt and other documents are performed by our personnel at origin.

Consolidation and Customs Loading

Using your specifications, CFS/CY shipments are received, consolidated and loaded -- by PO, by style, even by destination at our facility. Information is entered into the system and affords you the ability to print a container manifest from your computer with a 3-D diagram of the container with vanning positions noted so that you can find the merchandise you need upon arrival.

Real-Time Data

PO management's order tracking is a web-based order driven system which captures all shipment details including size, color item number, or SKU. Expeditors is able to transmit real-time data files in a variety of formats, including EDI and proprietary formats. We are able to adjust the data fields to accommodate each specific reporting requirement.

Upstream System Tracking

Upstream Tracking was developed as a communications aide, automating the method by which suppliers are prompted on upcoming Orders as well as giving the supplier a standard response screen to state their intentions for Order readiness. Upstream Tracking checks for the existence of a booking against a due Order, prompts the supplier of a due Order where there has been no booking activity, records the supplier response as to expected or revised ex-factory dates, and creates a track record for each Order to show actual versus planned activity. The standardized communications process helps to further eliminate confusion in meanings between emails that come from different suppliers or origins.

Order Management Bookings

Our web-based booking system allows suppliers to re-use data from the original Order to create a shipment or 'transportation order' for their goods, down to the item level. It creates a booking with more specific product detail attached, where traditionally suppliers had to re-key parts of the Order into the booking to get the job done. It also systemically checks that booking against customer-specific SOP rules such as ordered quantities, mode, container sizes, requested ship dates, etc. If an SOP rule is broken, then that booking is sent to the customer for approval or rejection. The on-line booking is quick and effective for both the suppliers and our customers.

Origin Pre-Distribution programs

This program allows importers to ship the product according to current market conditions without paying the re-handling costs of de-consolidation at destination.

Consolidation Services

Optimize container loading and shipment flow through consolidation of LCL shipments. Order to reflect demand reducing carrying costs, inventory levels, order to cash cycle, and transportation costs.

Vendor Liaison

Origin teams coordinate with vendors and/or buying offices to: Maintain purchase order database, coordinate vendor booking and equipment, meet delivery requirements and collect and follow-up with documents.

Purchase Order Management

Order Management captures Purchase Order (PO) details to 3 levels down from the PO (PO, Item, SKU [color/size]) to monitor booking, receiving and shipping. Information captured within Order Management and the subsequent reporting capabilities further enhance abilities to manage purchase orders and overall cargo flow. Customers can print container manifests & vessel summaries, query by buyer, DC, division and others. PO's are received via EDI, or proprietary format.

Vendor Management

Order Management vendor management and vendor education programs educate vendors on Order Management practices and unique requirements of our customers. Clear communication and understanding operational and documentation requirements support a smooth supply chain. Additional vendor management programs are available.


Order Management document services include preparation, collection, verification, dispatch and follow-up. Our staff can assist you with your commercial documentation needs.

Value Added

Origin services include: Ex-factory trucking, origin pre-distribution, production / assembly visibility, bar coding, GOH, ticketing, labeling, scanning, facilitation of inspection space, multiple country consolidation, sample forwarding, DC bypass loads, sea-air conversion and others.

Warehouse Operations

Our origin facilities are full service and provide security and fire protection. Origin services include but are not limited to the following:

Container Manifest
Customs Loading
Ocean Carrier Booking & Delivery