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Finance, or corporate finance, consists of tools, methodologies and strategies that an organization relies on to run thriving operations. The company also plots financial plans to raise funds necessary for its operations and sales targets.

Business Finance

Purchase order Financing:

Turn your purchase orders into invoices. Purchase Order Financing helps you pay your suppliers when you receive a large order that your current cash flow does not support. Sometimes called Purchase order funding, this method usually supplies more working capital than a small business line of credit would.

Accounts Receivable Funding (Factoring):

Invoice financing, also known as Accounts Receivable Factoring, is an excellent solution for companies needing cash flow. 

8.5 Reason to Factor:

1. Get funding quickly and put your cash back to work in your business. Increase working capital without incurring additional debt or sacrificing equity.

2. Very little financial documentation is required to get started. 
Obtain a much larger advance compared to traditional bank lines of credit.

3. Predict your cash flow more accurately.

4. Cash availability no longer relies on the uncertain timing of customers' payments.

5. Reduce your cost of goods. Take advantage of trade discounts from suppliers by making payments within discount terms.

6. Spend less time dealing with Accounts Receivable.

7. Improve your credit rating. With the increased cash flow from Factoring, you can make timely payments to vendors and enhance your credit rating.

8. Increased productivity. With less time spent on cash flow issues, you will be able to spend more time on growing your business.

0.5. Reduce the credit risk with your customers. You can utilize our expert credit analysis on potential clients prior to accepting orders. 

Credit Insurance:

Trade Credit Insurance protects against payment default by domestic and foreign customers, including:

Credit Insurance

Accounts Receivable "Puts"

Single Buyer Credit Protection

Credit Default Swaps